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Zimbabwe Gold Mining

Zimbabwe - Gold 1


Gold 1 is a concession that is 450km from Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.  Artisan miners have been sourcing the area for years with optimistic finds. This concession suggests high concentration of gold deposits.


Zimbabwe - Gold 2 & 3

Deeper exploratory work is being conducted at this site to determine its potential.  Artisan miners have flocked to this mine sharing stories of high gold yield on a per gram basis.

Located some 150km from Harare, this is one of the most talked about mines in the local artisan miner community. Gold deposits may sit under this large private farm.  The mine was partially operational in the 1970s before the War for Independence.


Exploratory work is still on going, while existing mine shafts are progressively being restored so that harvesting may progress systematically and safely.

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