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China Mines

China - Tian Jue Recycling Mine

Uncharted Group is a socially responsible organisation.  Tian Jue Recycling mine is a socially responsible project that not only creates jobs in the community, it extracts tin from tailings without further damaging the environment. This recycling plant has the exclusive rights to mine tin tailings in one of the oldest tin mines in Yunnan Province in the PRC. 


She is recognised by the Yunnan provincial government as one of the leading R & D centres in China for the precious metal. 

China - Jiangxi Mine


Uncharted Group's vehicle, Damo Resources Ltd has an equity stake in Jiangxi Shenxu Resources Mining Co., Ltd.  The company has mining concession rights in the DongPang village of approximately 3.74 sq km.


The concession is rich in copper, tungsten, lead, zinc and iridium. 

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